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After specifying The European Commission Stress is
The Second Largest Cause of Health Problems
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Coping With Stress and Work-Life Balance
Stress-Free Work - Stress-Free Life
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Coping With Stress and Work - Life Balance
Stress-Free Work - Stress-Free Life


BIOHACKER your digital support structure for global business.

We follow a holistic approach (BIOHACKING) and work on the second largest cause of health problems, that is STRESS. StressFree as a blog and groups in social media connects experts and seekers on the topics of stress management, work-life balance and further topics.

With BIOHACKER, you can achieve your goals and achieve a life in complete freedom in the sense of StressFree Working – StressFree Living. Realize your dream life with more money, time, and freedom. Contact us now for a free initial meeting free of charge.

For this we offer:

About Erich Grillitsch


Erich Grillitsch grew up as a “mountain farmer’s boy” in the Styrian Zirben country. After an apprenticeship as a machine fitter, he attended the high-technical-school (HTL) evening classes for mechanical engineering in Kapfenberg while employed. At the age of 23, he was already an independent entrepreneur. In 2019, he completed a Bachelor`s part-time degree program at CAMPUS02 for International Marketing & Sales Management in Graz. Currently, he is studying part-time at CAMPUS02 Sales Management in the last semester. Since 2018, he has been working intensively on the topics of brand development, brand building, and scalable sales systems.

In order to achieve more money, time, and freedom, he has realized that it is necessary to no longer exchange working time for money in a ratio 1:1. It makes more sense to invest work into a business to build up a leveraged income. Meanwhile, the marketing concepts are proven and the knowledge can be passed on to people who want to achieve their goals for a fulfilling life.

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With a leveraged income, you will earn more in the long run than in your previous job.

“Time is the greatest luxury in prosperity” writes Precht. More time for yourself, friends, family and hobbies.

So that you can live the life of your dreams in financial freedom.

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You can find out more about our business areas in advance. Contact us now for a initial meeting free of charge and describe your attitude and what you want to achieve.

In our initial meeting, we find out whether cooperation makes sense for both of us.

We support you with ongoing training to help you achieve your goals with more money, time and freedom.


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The Blog Stress-Free connects experts and seekers on the topics of stress management and work-life balance.
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